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How to Backup Current Settings Before Upgrading Android Homescreen

You should be ROOTED, with the end goal for you to reinforcement all settings rapidly and effectively for a full reestablish to an alternate form. This is useful when running Android on a Windows Mobile gadget, for example, the HD2, you can without much of a stretch change to various forms that come out week by week. Remember, this strategy just for any Android gadget. It can back up everything, home screen, gadget to informing, in addition to your Database.


A. Download Titanium Backup" from the Android Market

B. First time you open the program, tick the "Issues?" button. it will download the most recent rendition of Busybox, added order line utilities used to reinforcement information.

C. Hit "Reinforcement/Restore"

D. Tap the "Menu" fasten or hard catch

E. Pick "Bunch"

F. Tap "Run" beside "Reinforcement all client applications + framework information"

G. Leave everything chose on this screen. We will specifically pick what to reestablish in our new form. Having everything sponsored up implies you won't miss anything.

H. Ensure "Slaughter dynamic applications" is chosen

I. Tap "Run the bunch activity"

J. Tip: While this is running, tap the screen once in a while to guarantee your telephone doesn't break. as a sanity check for any auto-executioners that might be running

K. Restart your telephone

Reestablish: in the wake of evolving constructs: Remember: If youre running in a WM device,download first the APK for Titanium Backup and spot it in your Android Apps organizer for simple access on your first boot.

A. Skip however much of your new Android Setup screens as could reasonably be expected. No compelling reason to sit around idly here when it will be reestablished with Titanium.

B. Go into settings and set up your Google Account.

B1. Subsequent to putting the record, set it to NOT adjust.

B2. Make certain to do this BEFORE entering the Market, or the matching up will happen consequently. The explanation behind doing this is to abstain from overwriting everything with Titanium information

C. Next Go into "Settings - => Applications" and check "Obscure Sources"

D. Re-gain Titanium Backup (except if you had the APK in your Android Apps organizer) and hit the "Issues?" catch to introduce in your new form.

E Tap "Reinforcement/Restore"

F. Press the "Menu" button (hard catch)

G. Pick "Group"

H. Press "Run" alongside "Reestablish missing applications + all framework information"

J. In the event that you are reestablishing precisely the same Build:

j1. Snap "Select All"

j2. Pick "App+Data"

K. In the event that you are reestablishing an alternate Build or moving up to another rendition of a Build:

k1. Snap "Deselect All"

k2. Pick "App+Data"

k3. Select every Green thing (These are your settings)

k4. Select all Crossed out things (These are the applications excluded from your manufacture)

k5. Select some other things you know are the equivalent inside your construct, and that you need to reestablish settings for

L. Press "Run the cluster activity"

M. For every application that the introduce brief comes up for, hit "Introduce" and afterward "Done."

N. Restart your android telephone

O. On next boot, on the off chance that you get "Issue Loading Gadget" on certain gadgets, you should expel them from the home screen and re-introduce them physically.

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